A guide to Bundesliga scheduling.

Das Mysterium oder besser gesagt der Irrsinn der exakten Spieltagsansetzung in der Bundesliga und Liga2. Hier wird es mal aus Sicht eines britischen Fans geschildert.

German football is awesome, but it can also involve spending countless hours refreshing kicker’s Matchkalendar and sounding out various eight-hour Regionalbahn journeys on bahn.de, only to find out your away in Aalen is on a Friday at 6pm. For fans travelling from the UK, this can be even more frustrating and sometimes the only option you’re left with is to give Michael O’Leary’s firm rather more coin than you had planned on doing.

Over the years I’ve been following German football, the DFB and DFL have got better when it comes to announcing kick-off times (believe it or not). I’ve identified a few common patterns that I want to share here to ease the pain of waiting for something you feel is never going to arrive. So here we go:

First things first, organising fixtures and kick-off times is ridiculously complex – obvious things like 1860 and Bayern not being…

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